Do you want to sell used NDT Equipment?
Publish your products for free
and find buyers worldwide


Are you looking for used NDT Equipment?
Check our extensive catalogue
and find the right product

Ndt2Hand is a special worldwide platform created to boost your sales of second hand NDT equipment

The main goal of NDT2hand is to allow you to sell better and faster thanks to our services.
We remind you that publishing your used equipment on NDT2hand is free of charge
and that our service is non exclusive.

NDT2hand works in the following sectors:
 Oil & Gas    Aerospace    Power generation    Shipbuilding    Construction    Many More…

End-users of Small, Medium Size & Industrial groups

Do you have an instrument or an entire line of NDT equipment that is not being used
and just sitting there collecting dust?
Is some of your equipment out of production and you would like to recover some of your initial investment?
Do you want to take advantage of multiple sales channels?
Do you want to take the advantage of offering your equipment to buyers everywhere in the world and not only to local clients?
Do you want to obtain the maximum value from your used NDT Equipment?

If the answers to one or more of these questions are YES, NDT2Hand can help you sell your used equipment at a fair price and without managing all the promotional and commercial phases which as we all know, require a lot of time and efforts.

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