About Us

About NDT2hand - the marketplace for
Preowned NDT Equipment

RTUTec's founders have decades of worldwide acquaintance with NDT
customers and NDT equipment distributors and we have partnered up
with many in order to offer a wide range of used NDT equipment, in
good working condition, from reputable manufacturers. 
To support this, we have opened up a new website NDT2Hand and we
are inviting you to review it. You can either browse and look for
products or if you would like to sell an NDT product you are welcome
to upload the details and let us do the rest.
All the equipment we are offering is guaranteed to be in good
working condition upon arrival at your requested destination.
If there is specific equipment that you need that does not appear
on our website, please feel free to contact us and we will do our best
to find it.

NDT2hand offers a window on the market for used NDT equipment for all professionals.

End-users of small, medium and big companies, Resellers of Preowned NDT Equipment, Free-lance and Representatives have now at their disposal an efficient and dynamic tool to sell and to buy used NDT Equipment through our on-line catalogue www.NDT2hand.com

NDT2hand works in the following sectors:
• Aerospace
• Oil & Gas
• Shipyards
• Construction
• Munition
• others

The NDT2hand team is made up of young dynamic people with long-standing experience in these sectors:
1. Technical experience: you'll never walk alone. When you are buying used equipment or when you are selling your used equipment, our skilled team will lead you and advise you throughout all the steps of the deal.
2. Close support during buying and selling process: thanks to our experience in using NDT Equipment, our Team will be always on your side for advising and providing you useful tips for buying or selling used NDT Equipment