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What is NDT2Hand?

NDT2Hand facilitates and simplifies the activities of buying and selling secondhand NDT Equipment at both local and above all international level. Our always updated catalogue is full of advertisements for used NDT Equipment of various Methods: Radiography, Ultrasound/ Phased Array, Eddy Current, Visual, accessories and other complementary products

How does NDT2Hand work?

NDT2Hand consists of a group of professionals with vast experience, technical knowledge and deep acquaintance with major NDT equipment manufacturers as well as with NDT distributors around the Globe. We are looking for the best used NDT Equipment in the international market on a daily basis in order to bring our potential buyers the widest equipment variety. NDT2Hand strives to offers its customers the best economic and business conditions. Our team consists of people who are fluent in both written and verbal communication in Hebrew, English and Spanish.

NDT2Hand operates as a commercial agent, just like a salesman, through a representation mandate or a letter of commission, agrees directly with the sellers on a commission that will be paid only at the end of each positively concluded negotiation.

NDT2Hand also operates as a direct seller because some of the equipment on our catalogue belongs to us. In this case, the buyer will conclude the purchase of the used NDT Equipment directly with the NDT2Hand agent.

NDT2Hand also offers paid services for effective advertising for professionals of the industrial world. For any questions on this point, please contact us.

What are the costs for the various services offered by NDT2Hand?

Publishing your used industrial NDT Equipment on NDT2Hand is absolutely free of charge.


How to add free of charge used NDT Equipment ads on NDT2Hand?

Very simple, just click on "Publish your Equipment for free" button which you can find in all sections of our website and fill the mandatory fields marked with an asterisk. Our suggestion is to fill in as many fields as possible in order to boost sales opportunities. More information facilitates our promotion activities. For any request for help with the publications please contact us.

Can I add an unlimited number of products in NDT2Hand catalogue?

Yes, there is no numerical limit. You can enter as many products as you want.

How long the ads will be published and visible in the NDT2Hand catalogue?

There is no time limit. The ads will be published and visible for as long as you want. Obviously, they will be removed when the Equipment has been sold.


How to increase sales opportunities by taking advantage of NDT2Hand services?

Create your profile on NDT2Hand. Place the ads by providing all possible technical, logistics and commercial information. Always complete the ads with quality pictures and when possible even with videos and documentation of the NDT Equipment.

Define a fair selling price. Enjoy the special promotional NDT2Hand tools as "Hot deals", "Make an offer" and the insertion of your NDT Equipment in our weekly specialized newsletter. Finally define together with our agent an effective sales strategy.


How to Search used NDT Equipment in our catalogue?

It’s very simple, look for the used NDT Equipment available in the catalogue by selecting the relevant category and possibly target the search by taking advantage of our filter system available on the left side of the ads lists.

How to Contact us and ask for all necessary information on the used machine?

Contact us using the orange request a quote button; please fill the contact form with as many details as possible so that we will offer you the most suitable product. Typically you will receive a response from our agent and an official quotation of the equipment with pictures and technical details within 24 hours.

Alternatively, you can call or e-mail and ask stating the equipment of interest. You may find our contact details in the “Contact us” page of the website.

Do I have to pay a commission to NDT2Hand?

No. Buying used NDT Equipment through NDT2Hand does not involve any extra or additional cost. The only costs are represented by the Equipment price however there could be secondary services such as transport and/or tools required to work together with the equipment, for specific jobs.


How to create a user profile on NDT2Hand?

Please send us requests for Equipment that you are really looking for and that you intend to buy. Please refrain from sending us RFQs for market research or mere curiosity.

Also, since most of the time used Equipment is sold without warranty we strongly recommend to try and see the equipment personally before proceeding with the purchase. An alternative is to ask us for videos of the Equipment and if possible we can try to arrange for you to see it remotely (Video call, remote connection etc.)


How to create a user profile on NDT2Hand?

It is simple and fast. Just click on "Create an account" and fill out the required fields. It is necessary to fill in the mandatory fields marked with an asterisk. We remind you that the more information you provide the better the chances of finding a buyer for your equipment.

Password Lost? - How to recover your password?

By clicking to "SIGN IN" you will find all the instructions to recover the lost information that will be sent back to you by e-mail, or for any problems do not hesitate to contact us directly.

How to change your password?

Logging on your profile you will find under “MY Account” all the instructions to change your password. Alternatively, you can contact us directly.

How to edit your profile information?

On the main page to “Sign In” and then to My account where you can edit your profile, including to edit the data previously provided. Alternatively, you can contact us directly.

How to manage and edit the ads of my used NDT Equipment?

Accessing your personal profile, you can add, delete, or modify all ads of your equipment in our catalogue.

Why some of my listings have been removed?

Ads will be removed when they contain false or inaccurate information, when the equipment is not available anymore and / or already present in our catalogue. Ads will be also removed when they are published without photos and or without the minimum required information.

NDT2Hand is a website for professionals and high quality NDT Equipment and we require ads be reasonably detailed.

Do not hesitate to contact us if something didn’t work or if you believe something went wrong.

How to upgrade the ads of my NDT Equipment?

By connecting to your profile or by contacting us directly.

How to subscribe to the newsletter?

Through the appropriate button "Register to the newsletter" or by contacting your NDT2Hand agent.

How to unsubscribe?

At the bottom of each newsletter there is the unsubscribe link.


NDT2Hand protects the anonymity of your requests and your personal information. Your personal information will be disclosed to the seller or the purchaser of the equipment only after your specific request. For more information we invite you to read the details in our "Privacy Policy" page.

Terms of use

We invite you to read the page of our "Terms of use" of NDT2Hand.com and its related websites.


What does Incoterms mean?

Incoterms (International Commercial terms) are the terms used in the import / export and universally valid worldwide. These terms define the rights and duties of the parties involved in a property sale and purchase transaction which involves the handling and transfer of the goods from one country to another.

The main Incoterms used in the trade of used NDT Equipment are as follows:

  1. Exworks. The seller prepares the goods at his premises on the agreed date providing the appropriate documentation for the export from the country of origin.
  1.  LOT / LOC. Loaded on truck / container. It 'a fairly common variant of Exworks where the seller takes care also of the loading of the goods on container or truck.
  2. Free carrier. Binds the seller to deliver the goods at the warehouse of the shipper and to take charge in addition to the export documentation from the country of origin. Seller also pay for the costs of the customs clearance for export.
  3. Free on Board. Used for shipping, Seller takes care of all the costs of the transport to the port of embarkation. Seller has also the task to provide the documentation for the export from the country of origin and pay the customs clearance for export.
  4. Cost, Insurance and Freight. Only for transport by ship. All expenses paid by the seller are to be attributed to the port of destination with the exception of the costs for the unloading of the ship. Borne by the seller are also the insurance costs. Once the goods have reached the nation of the buyer all subsequent expenses are attributed to the purchaser.
  5. Delivered Duty Paid (DDP). The seller pays all expenses related to transport to the agreed destination. This is the diametrically opposed situation to Exworks.
How much is the transport cost of the Equipment?

It depends on the Equipment packaging dimensions, weight and where it is physically located. Do not hesitate to consult your NDT2Hand agent for a transport budget price. Upon your request we can provide the dimensions and weight to allow you to obtain an official quote for transportation from a company of your choice.

How to calculate the right selling price of the used NDT Equipment?

To calculate the price of your used equipment you have to take into account several factors including:

  1.   - Year of production of the equipment
  2.   - Number of previous owners
  3.   - Current status of the NDT Equipment
  4.   - Any retrofit
  5.   - Obsolete technology or not?
  6.   - the market price for a similar machine, see both new and used NDT Equipment market
  7.   - Possible accessories and devices sold as standard together with the equipment
  8.   - Presence or absence of certificates, manuals and documentation Usage
  9.   - number of years in service, kept in Storage, was a demo system etc.

NDT2Hand agents are always available for on the spot evaluation of your used Equipment that you intend to sell or dispose of.