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NDT2Hand wants to earn your trust and become the ideal partner,
you can always rely on.
Do you want to sell or do you want to buy Preowned NDT equipment?
NDT2Hand helps you do it with peace of mind.

For Preowned NDT equipment sellers

The sale of Preowned NDT equipment is now an activity that can no longer be relegated only to the geographically limited local market. Whether you are an end user or a professional dealer of Preowned NDT equipment, NDT2Hand helps you to sell all over the world while minimizing your efforts and eliminating completely the costs of this activity

Free entry of Preowned NDT equipment ads

Equipment ad's publication and their promotion services are completely free.
You can choose to place your ads for free, to increase the chances of selling your equipment, directly from our portal by clicking on the "Start selling" button. The process is simple and quick, you can add your equipment with an unlimited number of photos, videos and / or documents.
If you do not have time and you want NDT2Hand's team do it for you, contact us now! We will be happy to enter your equipment by taking the ads directly from your site or by receiving from you all information via e-mail to:

Catalog with high technical content

Our catalog is technically and meticulously divided into categories of NDT methods/Type of Equipment. The categories have been carefully created to allow you and our customers to easily find the category of equipment for sale. Within each category you will find a wide selection of fields that we have called "specific details" that will greatly help you with the correct description of your Equipment, also allowing you to promote it in the best way.

Ads publication

Your equipment will be immediately published and visible on our online catalogue directly accessible by professionals from all over the world. Furthermore, by leveraging tailored and customized marketing tools, we will increase the effectiveness of your ads by making your equipment more and more attractive to customers all over the world.
The most assiduous sellers will be rewarded with the positioning of their most interesting equipment at the head of the lists in our catalog, highlighting the ads with the "Hot Deal" tag!

A dedicated expert agent - partner of your business!!!

A NDT2Hand agent will be your point of reference from the beginning of our collaboration.
NDT2Hand agent is also an expert in your same working field and he knows how to understand your needs and finding a solution together with you about any issue related to the commercialization of your Preowned NDT equipment.
Our goal is to create successful collaborations, NDT2Hand agent will be constantly engaged in this direction and he will always be alongside of your business.

Promotion over the web

Publishing on NDT2Hand does not mean just waiting for cold leads for your equipment coming from our website Of course we also do this but our work does not finish here.
With NDT2Hand, collaboration is at the core of our business and sales opportunities do not end with the ad publication alone.
Our agents are experts in the field as yours, therefore they are able to work all the requests, even the most difficult ones, engaging in a proactive way in finding the right machinery for the customer. In doing this, our most eager and eager collaborators will be regularly consulted and called to participate in the search for equipment and will be invited to submit their offers. Likewise, if you were looking for a specific Equipment, the NDT2Hand Agent will be happy to lend you a hand by exploiting our extensive sales network.

The best customers from all over the world

NDT2Hand operates internationally. The NDT2Hand agent filters the requests coming from all over the world for your used equipment and selects only the most serious ones. Only the most qualified customers who will have a genuine purchase intention will be intermediated to you.
Not serious purchasing requests coming from competitors and curious customers will not proceed.
For more information about selling with NDT2Hand, please read the dedicated page "For Sellers".
Become a part of our business reality and start selling with NDT2Hand.

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For buyers of Preowned NDT equipment 

The purchase project of one or more equipment whether it is for starting a new project or to increase an already existing one, is always an important step for any company. No matter if you represent a small, medium or large company. We will follow you and we will advise you as best as we can so that your purchase will surely be the right one.

Our service is free of charge!

Buying through NDT2Hand does not involve you in any extra cost. NDT2Hand will not ask you to pay any commission.
We constantly strive to offer equipment at the right price and in line with market prices and their condition.

Only quality equipment

NDT2Hand wants to offer its customers a catalog of the highest quality level.
All ads are subject to verification by our agents. Incomplete announcements, without photos and with lack of information will not be confirmed and therefore the sellers of such ads will be invited to provide us with complementary information, otherwise the advertisement will be canceled.
The same goes for equipment in poor condition, not working or obsolete. In our catalog will be inserted and confirmed only advertisements related to Equipment in good condition, functioning and with universally recognized commercial value.
Almost all the Equipment in our catalog is all visible still connected under power and in working condition. This is absolutely necessary for the correct evaluation of a Preowned NDT equipment  before proceeding with its purchase.
We also remind you that some of the used equipment promoted on our site is sold directly by NDT2Hand as they are on our property.

Only trusted sellers

In order to guarantee to our customers a high-quality service, NDT2Hand verify with his Agents the professionalism of all the sellers who post announcements on our site. All information provided to us regarding vendor companies will be verified. Profiles registered with a false name or with untruthful information will be immediately removed.
NDT2Hand aims to establish proficient and long-term relationships, so as the collaboration with the various sellers will mature our agents will regularly meet them at their offices or during industry appointments such as trade-fairs and open houses.

Competence always at your side

NDT2Hand staff consists of trained people and qualified technicians in all areas of expertise. Throughout the purchasing process, you can always count on the opinion and rely on the advice of our agents. We will give you all advices you may need in the purchasing process, from the purely technical aspects of the functioning of the equipment to the advice on the deal, transport and logistics. You will also have accounting and commercial support on any aspect related to the sale both at the national and internationally level.

Assistance and technical support

When necessary, we can make provide you dedicated offers related to special and ancillary services, such as quotes for transportation, assistance Furthermore, since our network is extended to all levels of the industrial sectors of our competence, we can suggest you third-party companies for any type of service inherent to the world of NDT Equipment.
For more information about the purchase process through NDT2Hand we invite you to read the dedicated page "For Buyers".
Take full advantage of the benefits of our business reality and start looking for your next Preowned NDT equipment  in our online catalog.

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